El Bosquejo is my menswear style diary, where I note details hidden in the seams, inspiration stitched in the fabric. 

No two men can dress exactly the same. But how to express one's voice, unique as a thumbprint? Heed your instincts. Bosquejo means sketch, outline, draft. Bosquejo happens in your head: all the right style accidents.

I began my blog way back in 2007, with just one (rather haphazard) post. This was the first article I wrote for The Philippine Star. Subsequently, I was to write more fashion pieces for the national daily, even finding myself sitting at the front row at Philippine Fashion Week to review the shows. Between all of that I became contributing editor of men's magazine Garage. It was during my time there that I thought maybe I could really get my own blog going. Simultaneously, I was also writing for Hong Kong magazine WestEast and for a few instances, Rogue.

You can find lots of things on these pages: men's show reviews, articles on designers I admire, scans of magazine editorials I enjoyed, thrift shopping treasure, collages, personal style features, and my "cameos", which is what I call my outfit posts.

Lately, I haven't posted anything except cameos, with the blog turning more into a personal style diary. Sure, I still love reviewing shows, and still plan on doing them, together with the other types of entries, but maybe for another time when I am less occupied. Since besides reporting to my day job I now also design and create accessories for my Bosquejo line and blog for United Colors of Benetton's global blogging magazine. True to form, I have taken on other ventures besides.

I have set up other blogs for other pursuits: La Folie Douce for street style; Draft of Shadows for photography; and Buraburador, which also means "draft", for poetry and general literature. If you are interested in keeping track of everything, there is my personal collage Tumblr blog.

Sometimes you can find me mostly on here, other times on other pages. I think my life needs paring down to allow more growth, and I feel that not all of these sites/ventures will survive the cut. But for now, this is where I'm at. And if you want to know a secret: you can find the most essential parts of me in my poetry. If you know where to look.

Written in 2012 and needs updating. In the meantime, you can add me on Facebook.